...3 Minutes Left Before This Self-Destructs [firstname]

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...3 Minutes Left Before This Self-Destructs [firstname]

Sup [firstname],

I created 3 “Time-Tested” rules that EVERY successful
affiliate marketer follows to a “T”.

These are the very same rules I myself follow each and
everyday, and the same rules YOU can model after your
own affiliate business.

Ready to find out what's behind the curtains?

Be Patient My Young Grasshopper...

Never throw in the towel to your affiliate marketing
business. I don't care how hard you think it is now, it does
get easier as you learn more about how the business works.

When your following an affiliate marketing business
model, keep working on it for several weeks to a few
months before you decide the project was a success or
failure for you.

How NOT To Be A “Dead Beat” Affiliate Marketer

Try to use the product or service you want to promote
BEFORE you promote it.

It gives you more credibility and authority on the product
or service your promoting to your visitors without looking
like a lost puppy.

But I already know what your thinking...

It IS crazy to buy every product you want to promote as
an affiliate marketer, so the next best thing is to do
your research on the products you want to promote by
reading other reviews and testimonials to base your reviews.

NEVER Stop Doing This And Stuff More Cash In Your Pockets

Your blog, review page, or squeeze page must be exposed
on a daily basis to grow your business and to generate
the huge payday's you often see in the internet business

After all, it is called affiliate MARKETING for this reason.

Always spend a little time each day on your marketing, and
your business has NO CHOICE but to expand and grow
your bank account in ways most people could only dream



If you only had “24 hours left” to supercharge your affiliate
business and take it to the next level – would you do it?

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