About Sterling Silver CZ Journey Pendants

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About Sterling Silver CZ Journey Pendants

It is a very elegant statement when one is seen wearing a Sterling silver CZ journey pendant. The clean lines, although simple in design, is reminiscent of other classic jewelry pieces, throughout modern society. A Sterling silver CZ journey pendant has become a standard in most women's fine jewelry wardrobe.

A Sterling silver CZ journey pendant is more then just a simple necklace; it represents the journey of love that a couple takes throughout their lives together. Each graduating stone increases in size and represents growing love between each of you. A Sterling silver CZ journey pendant expresses this growing love and the journey it takes to get there.

Traditionally Sterling silver CZ journey pendants are often given at holidays and on anniversaries and although most women, can appreciate the meaning attached to a Sterling silver CZ journey pendant, receiving one as a gift is appropriate at any time.

When buying a Sterling silver CZ journey pendant knowing as much as possible and having a general understanding about cubic zirconia will help you make the best choice about quality. Knowing a little history about its composition and how it compares to the diamond is one of the best ways to ensure that you're purchasing a high quality Sterling silver CZ journey pendant.

Cubic zirconia is one of the only lab created synthetic gems, which has been so widely accepted as a substitute for a diamond by the general public, that they are now even making bridal sets because of the demand. Cubic zirconia has a brilliant fire and is durable, with a Moh's hardness rating of 8.5, and with a diamond coming in at a 10, cubic zirconia isn't far behind it.

You should be aware that there are grades of quality within cubic zirconia, just as there are with other gemstones. A higher grade CZ of course will cost you more them the medium to lower grades, but as with most gemstones, you get what you pay for and it is always best to go with the higher grades when choosing your Sterling silver CZ journey pendant.

There is no need to do anything special as to cleaning you're Sterling Silver CZ Journey pendant and you can clean it as you would any other of your fine Sterling Silver jewelry. A once the year cleaning by a professional jeweler is always a good idea as they could check the setting for any needed repairs as there's nothing worse than losing a stone.

One of the reasons a Sterling Silver CZ Journey Pendant is so attractive is because of its affordability, as it puts some of life's little luxuries a bit closer, enabling everyone who wants to put some quality sparkle into there lives do so and not break the budget. A high quality Sterling Silver CZ Journey Pendant even though it is set in Sterling Silver is an affordable luxury and is a statement of your love.

Your Sterling silver CZ journey pendant is not only breathtakingly beautiful, with a deep fire; your pendant also will stand up to the test of time. A high quality grade of cubic zirconia within your Sterling silver CZ journey pendant is going to give you a lifetime of pleasure, at a fraction of the cost, and having this classic piece within your jewelry collection, is priceless.

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